Personalized Style Box

  • What is the Style Box? The Apparition Vintage style box is a personalized vintage clothing and accessories style bundle curated with your particular measurements, aesthetics, clothing preferences and style goals in mind. It is essentially a personalized styling and shopping service, to help you design your own dream vintage wardrobe without having to put in the work. There are 5 box sizes to choose from and each box size contains a different amount of vintage items. Vintage items are carefully picked for you using your answers to the form below and your Style Box Pinterest board, then shipped to you as soon as your box is complete.
  • To become a Style Box client you must first fill out the Style Box quiz below. This form must be completed before your Style Box can be built for you - please fill it out at the link below.
Style box quiz link -
  • Once your quiz responses have been received, an email will be sent to you with payment and shipping details.
  • Price - The cost of each Style Box includes cost of materials, vintage items and shipping supplies, and also factors in my time creating the box, searching for items, and measuring, cleaning, repairing and styling your items. International shipping costs are extra and depends on your location. Style Box shipping within Ireland is free.
  • If you have any Style Box related questions please get in touch!